Rustic Life

Photographers capture pieces of their own reality, one snapshot at a time. This captured reality exposes a culture that is slightly fraying around the edges, the tattered pieces falling back down into the earth’s nurturing soil to grow new roots. Through this work, we capture those who live slightly or wholly along the margins, the between-states, places where once-bright metal rusts and forgotten stone mosses over. At the crossroads between portraiture, travel and nature photography, we cast a look on humans at their best, full of cleverness and balance with their surroundings and themselves, elevated yet keenly aware of their beautifully animal nature.

Rustic Life is a collection of black and white photographs from the beautiful and remote mountains of the Pais Catalan, in Northeastern Spain, as well as from the Vinales agricultural region of Cuba.  They represent a life that is, to Canadians, as remote as the locations themselves.  Bodies age quickly when they live the Rustic Life, and in the end, all that remain are the stones that surround them.

8×10″ prints are available for sale.